Late last year Microsoft announced it would overtime be replacing Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams. However, before that could happen Microsoft had to make sure that MS Teams was up to scratch with all the features that Skype for Business offered. Microsoft have announced that process is now complete, and Teams is ready to roll.

Companies won’t be forced to make the move but are be encouraged to by Microsoft. At Novi we have already migrated a few customer sites over to MS Teams.

So what features does Teams offer?

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s collaboration platform. It brings the capabilities of Skype for Business into the cloud to deliver a single hub for teamwork, with built-in, fully integrated voice and video. This means users can have a single place for their conversations, contacts, and content allowing dispersed teams to effectively and securely collaborate and share information increasing productivity levels. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. Teams is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Is there a deadline for moving to Teams?

Customers can determine the timing for moving to Teams that best meets their needs. Customers not quite ready to upgrade can still realise the benefits of Teams by adopting it alongside Skype for Business.

How can Novi help?

Teams is highly customisable we are currently undertaking upgrade projects for some customers to customise Teams for their specific needs. Novi’s technical experts can help you identify the unique business needs within your organisation and how Teams should be configured to make it work best for you. Novi can help you create and customise the applications available within Teams and integrate third party applications to create a highly productive team environment.

Contact Us to talk to one of our technical team about implementing MS Teams in your business.