The 6th of February is Safer Internet Day and serves as a reminder to us all of the dangers and care needed when surfing online. From protecting younger people, to safeguarding your business against cyber-attacks, there are steps we can all take to ensure a more respectful, secure and better online experience. Here are our top 5 tips to keep in mind this Safer Internet Day:

  1. Recognise and avoid phishing emails

Cybercriminals continually devise new ways to defraud, gain access and steal information. Phishing emails exploit human trust by appearing to come from a legitimate and trusted source. However, there are ways to determine if a suspicious email is genuine or not. Examine the email address, rather than the display name, to see if it is correct. Beware of broad, impersonal greetings and urgent language encouraging quick action. Avoid clicking on any links or replying to the email.

Check out our blog on the topic for a complete guide to recognising and avoiding cyber scams.

  1. Prioritise user awareness training

Human error is often the biggest weakness when it comes to cybersecurity. As above, by educating employees to recognise risks such as phishing emails, a company can greatly reduce the risk of a data breach or cyber theft.

  1. Use a strong and secure password

A simple but often overlooked step to safer surfing is using a strong password. Always change default passwords on accounts or devices and don’t use the same password for every site. Create passwords that are personal and memorable to you, but difficult for others to guess, using a mix of numbers, capital letters and symbols. Finally, never share your password or keep it in plain sight.

  1. Keep operating systems patched and firmware updated

Treat operating system and firewall updates as a routine and regularly maintained practice. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and delaying an update could leave your data at risk. Automatic updates will not always offer the protection needed in time. If you don’t have the expertise, consider outsourcing updates to a managed services/security provider.

  1. Adopt a risk-based approach

Those tasked with ensuring the security of an organisation can often feel overwhelmed by the scale of potential threats. Adopting a risk-based approach is a helpful method in prioritising where security and resources should be focused. We recently wrote a blog on how you can implement a successful risk-based security strategy.

Safer Internet Day is a time to reflect on how you approach the protection of your family’s, organisation’s, and personal information online. Cybersecurity is a year round consideration. Should you require any aid or assistance in developing a cybersecurity strategy, Novi is available to help. Contact us for more information.