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Patch Guard

Efficient and timely management of Patch Deployment

Patch Guard

Well known ransomware attacks such as WannaCry gained access through exploiting a weakness in software which was unpatched.

Manual patching is a tedious task and difficult to manage in a timely fashion. More often than not patches are not applied leaving organisations very vulnerable to cyber crime.

With Novi Patch Guard we reduce the risk of malware infection by making it easy to manage, deploy and monitor patching across your entire estate. Available as either as a self service tool or managed by Novi the service will help prevent malware accessing your systems and data.

Managed via a centralised cloud based dashboard the service reports on what patches have been installed, what are missing and manages quick and easy remote deployment to all devices across the estate.

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Management Console

Gives realtime visibility into known vulnerabilities and missing patches

Comprehensive Scanning

Quickly identify missing patches for known vulnerabilities and patch status

Update all Devices

Manage patching across the entire estate via a single console

Faster Deployment

Quickly apply patches for commonly exploited vulnerabilities e.g. Petra before they cause a problem

Wide Software Support

Adobe, Java, Web Browsers and other common applications including operating system and O365 apps

Improved Asset Reporting

Easily and efficiently keeps hardware and software records up to date including warranty information

Novi Vulnerability and Patch Management Benefits

Reduce Risk

Keep common malware software targets up to date and apply security patches timely.

Increase User Productivity

Boost your operating efficiency with increased IT reliability and security.

Reduce Downtime

Proactively maintain the health and stability of systems minimising downtime.

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Expert Electrical

We now have a secure, reliable and high performance network. Novi were ideally placed to guide us through this complex project.


Wealth Options

Novi’s proactive managed services and managed cyber security services are essential expertise that help us run and protect our business.

Bradys Family Ham

Novi really understood our business requirements and their design offered real value to the business now and into the future.


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